SCDOC Objectives

From By-laws Article II

The objectives of the Council shall be:

SECTION 1.     To  assist members in dispensing information on dog obedience training to the general public;

SECTION 2.     To coordinate efforts toward the qualitative improvement of dog obedience  training;

SECTION 3.     To encourage exhibitor participation in dog obedience trials, sanctioned matches, and practice matches;

SECTION 4.     To promote the standardization and improvement of judging at dog obedience trials and matches;

SECTION 5.     To promote friendly relations among all organizations interested in dog obedience;

SECTION 6.     To assist any club in conducting obedience trials, matches, and  demonstrations;

SECTION 7.     To provide opportunities for, and assistance in exchange of obedience information;

SECTION 8.     To perform community service in connection with canine welfare on Federal, State, and local levels, as the members shall approve.


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