Where have all the obedience trials gone?

It seems that many Kennel Clubs are having financial difficulties in either finding show sites, help, etc., and as a consequence are eliminating obedience trials in order to simplify their work loads.  Next month, the four-day shows held at Earl Warren Fairgrounds will not be including obedience & rally.  Also, Cabrillo Kennel Club will not be holding obedience & rally at their August 31-September 1st shows.  San Luis Obispo Kennel Club will not be including obedience & rally at their shows in September.  At this time, the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills has not scheduled an obedience & rally trial at their show in December.  All these kennel clubs have included obedience and rally trials with their all breed shows in the past, but starting in 2013 they will not.
We as obedience exhibitors need to put forth a unified front and let these clubs know that 1) we have greatly appreciated their support in the past and 2) implore them to reconsider offering obedience in future.  Please contact these clubs and let them know that you care! Perhaps we can ‘turn the tide’, so to speak, if we let them know it DOES MATTER: WE CARE.  
For contact info:
Santa Barbara Kennel Club or Facebook
Cabrillo Kennel Club
San Luis Obispo Kennel Club
Kennel Club of Beverly Hills

Entries Close Wednesday, February 15th for BTCSC Agility & Obedience/Rally Trials

Entries close tomorrow for the Belgian Tervuren Club of Southern California’s Performance Weekend with 4 days of Agility and 2 days of Obedience/Rally open to all breeds.  For more info or go to the Event Calendar.