Obedience & Rally Mini Workshops

dog artDowney Dog Obedience will be holding their Rally & Obedience Mini Workshops on Sundays at 8:30 to Noon(ish) at Apollo Park in Downey.  Take 1 or take them all – the choice is yours!

Each session will show you how to start training the exercise(s) and the steps to continue, plus coached work at your current level. If you want to start an exercise, but don’t know how to do it – if you can’t find a class near you, or get to one during the week – or are stuck and need a new perspective, this is the class for you.

Date          Topic(s)

6/15           Rally & Heeling

6/22           Directed Jumping & Broad Jump

7/20           Drop on Recall & Signals & Groups

7/27           Scent Discrimination & Retrieving (articles, dumbbell, gloves)

8/17           Directed Retrieve & Pivots & Groups

8/24           Stand for Exam & Moving Stand / Fronts & Finishes & Heeling

9/07           Extra Session (for those who take all 6 previous sessions)

Handler’s Choice – whatever you want to work on! 

Cost: $25/ session or $125 all 7 sessions – Limited to 12 dogs

Auditors welcome, $15/session 

Instructor:         Gina Grissom – Gina has been teaching classes for Downey for 20 years and is a Rally& Obedience judge.  

For further info. contact: Gina Grissom (562) 869-5213 or Weimtrain@verizon.net

Checks payable to: Downey Dog Obedience Group and mail to:  9209 Priscilla St., Downey, CA 90242 

(NOTE: those attending will NOT be able to show under Gina for 30 days after their last session.) 

Apollo Park is located at the corner of Imperial Hwy. & Rives Ave. in Downey. Classes take place very close to that corner, between the gym and the volleyball courts.

NOTE: Downey’s training area is FENCED IN.