Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club Shows Cancelled

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At the close of our last general meeting Tom Brown informed me of the latest hitch in our plans for the 2013 all breed shows. The school district is demanding a substantial fee increase for the grounds, from $7,500 to $9,000. Based on value for the dollar and a quality show site the board decided that these fees were not acceptable. We have broken even or lost money on each of the Gahr HS shows.
The judges, hotel and dining facilities have all agreed to either refund our payments or accept judging assignments for 2014 (or the next show held).
Emergency show meetings held to try to find an acceptable replacement for Gahr high school. A set of criteria was laid out and 5 venues were contacted. The majority of the sites were prohibitively expensive but the Orange County Fairgrounds were found to be reasonably priced. Unfortunately for SAVKC, the fairgrounds are not available this year. A vote was taken and the shows are cancelled for 2013.
The 2014 shows could prove to be profitable if we are able to add agility to our shows. The additional costs of the showgrounds are offset by the saving from golf carts, outhouses and tenting. The fairgrounds claims the parking fees and overnight parking. Negotiations are in progress to reclaim a portion of the parking.
The second option that we as a board are considering is the addition of another club to help draw entries and defer some costs. We believe that these steps could restore some of the profits and success of the SAVKC of old.
Dean Langwiser
Vice President
2013 Non Show Chairman


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