SWOC Obedience Trial August 10th

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Southwest Obedience Club (SWOC) will be having it’s 60th Annual Obedience and 9th Annual Rally Trials on Saturday, August 10th. Last year they offered Team Obedience and had an entry of 10 teams!  There was a large group of people who stayed to watch and they were not disappointed! Each team wore great costumes and there was a lot of laughter and a good time was had by all. Pasanita’s Gated Community came in 1st place with a really great performance (and great costumes!), SWOCs Fab Four came in 2nd, Lomita’s Black and White team was 3rd and Santa Ana Valley KCs team came in 4th.  This year SWOC will be offering Team Obedience again plus Rally Team.  Rally Teams consist of four dogs who run the course one after the other with the clock running the entire time.  We hope your clubs and friends will consider entering teams this year! It is a lot of fun for exhibitors and spectators alike!

Also don’t forget SWOC’s match on April 7th in Gardena.  Download flyer.


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