SCDOC History and Objectives

History and Objectives

The Southern California Dog Obedience Council had its beginning in 1950. It was organized With six Charter Member Clubs, which included the “Canine College” now known as S.WOC., Long Beach German Shepherd Club, Orange Empire All Breed Club, Pasanita Obedience Club and Southeast Obedience Club.

Council is not a club, but a Service Organization with membership consisting of clubs whose purpose is either wholly or in part dedicated to the Obedience Training and Advancement of Dogs.

The Objectives of Council are:

  1. To promote interest in Obedience Training and friendly relationships between any and all organizations interested in Obedience work.
  2. To coordinate efforts toward the improvement of Obedience.
  3. To encourage participation in Obedience Trials.
  4. To strive toward the standardization of Judging at Obedience Trials.
  5. To assist in any way possible any show-giving club in putting on Obedience Trials at the various shows.

Currently the Council consists of 47 clubs, reaching from Santa Maria to San Diego. It is estimated that the Council represents nearly 10,000 persons affiliated with member –obedience clubs. Each member-club is represented at the Council by two Delegates and an Alternate. Delegates speak on the Council Floor on behalf of and for the club’s membership, participate in discussions, serve on committees and are active in Council-sponsored events and programs. And, in turn report to their Club’s Board of Directors and membership Business conducted and Legislation enacted on the Council Floor. Most clubs pay for the Delegate’s dinner, served prior to the meeting; other related financial costs of participation are assumed by the Delegate as part of his functions. To qualify as a Delegate requires having trained and shown a dog through an AKC Obedience Degree.

Some of the Council-sponsored Activities, usually with the aid of a Host Club are:

  1. Publishing a Directory of member clubs including individual club information-officers, training information, show dates and a list of names of those wishing to be considered as Judges, Stewards and Clerks at Sanctioned and Practice Matches and Graduations.
  2. Top Dog Competition (annual).
  3. Northern Obedience Clubs vs Southern Obedience Clubs Competition ( annual).
  4. L.A. County Fair Obedience Demonstration.
  5. Presidents’ and Secretaries Dinner Meeting ( annual).
  6. An Obedience Convention.
  7. Practice Match Judging Seminar.

In addition Council is responsible for the publishing and distribution of “Council Fires,” the Official Publication of the Council. Contents include articles of interest, a Calendar of Events Of coming Matches and Licensed Trials of Council-member Clubs and Minutes of the monthly meeting.

The Council holds its meetings on the Third Friday of each month. Visitors interested in Obedience are welcome to attend.

History Timeline

Zella Nicolas, a Pasanita member, first suggested forming an association of obedience clubs. Pasanita members thought it was a good idea and called the first meeting of what is now the Southern California Dog Obedience Council.

Organized: June 12, 1950

Named: Southern California Obedience Council
Changed to Southern California Dog Obedience Council in May 196l.

Charter Members

  • Canine College Club (Later became Southwest Obedience Club of L.A.)
  • Beach German Shepherd Club
  • Orange Empire All Breed Club
  • Pasanita Obedience Club
  • South East Obedience Club
  • Whittier Obedience Club
    Five of the six charter member clubs are still members of Council (Whittier Obedience Club is only exception.)

Council Objectives set forth June 12, 1950

  • To promote interest in obedience training and friendly relationships between any and / or all organizations interested in obedience work.
  • To coordinate efforts towards the improvement of obedience.
  • To encourage participation in obedience trials.
  • To strive toward the standardization of judging at obedience trials
  • To assist in any way possible any show giving club in putting on obedience trials at the various shows.

Original Constitution & By-Laws

Chairman: Nicolas Kay
Accepted by Council on November 20, 1950

Second Constitution

Chairman: Gene Shultz
Adopted by Council on April 15, 1955

President & Secretaries Dinner

First held in July 1956

Council Directory

First started in August, 1956


  • Paul Geiger
  • Ken Carlson
  • Carlton Jones

Contained only names of persons available to judge, clerk or steward

Top Dog Exhibition

Sponsored by Council since 1958.
Prior to that time it was an event of Southwest Obedience Club

Annual Convention

Sponsored by Council since 1954
Prior to that time it was an event of the Pasanita Obedience Club

Council Fires

First edition mailed in February, 1962

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