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SCDOC is a non-profit organization that is a Council of 13 dog clubs.  Our purpose is to provide dog obedience information to the general public and to encourage participation in dog shows, obedience trials, sanctioned matches and practice matches.  As a council we hold a bi-annual AKC Obedience & Rally seminar and an annual inter-club competition competition between our member clubs known as TOP DOG.

Our member clubs hold various classes and events including obedience, rally, agility, hunting and earthdog tests, CGC, TDI, breed handling and training seminars.

For more information on dog events in Southern California, please go to our Event Calendar page.

For information about training classes or our clubs, please go to our Member Club page or follow the links in the sidebar.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Dear Friends,
    My name is Carl Person with Singleton’s Animal Connection. We work with a few different Dog Obedience Clubs in Southern California, and I was wondering if any of your clubs might be interested in having a Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic? We are a turn-key operation, and thus, we do not require any volunteers. We simply need a place to run the clinic, and we give a percentage back to the club.

    Our course is designed based on both rattlesnake biology and behavior, and dog physiology. Our team is made up of two herpetologists that can answer any question concerning snakes, snake-bite and treatment, and vaccine efficacy, as well as an actual animal behaviorist. Singleton’s has been training dogs since 1977.

    Thank you,


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